MEC: Hierarchy of Values

Nov 30th, 2020

Mountain Equipment Co-op was founded in 1971 as a manufacturer and retailer of outdoors equipment.  This member-owned co-op originated with a group of climbers and deep wilderness backpackers who were frustrated with the difficulty of finding appropriate and quality outdoors gear such as climbing ropes, pitons, chalk, or tents.  Membership was open and cost just […]


Boho Soul Market: Customer Discovery Process

Nov 16th, 2020

Boho Soul Market is a small manufacturer of fermented foods and beverages–kombucha–operating out of Minnedosa, Manitoba.  Their products are produced and bottled in-house and distributed to retailers in communities including (but not limited to) Onanole, Wasagaming, Dauphin, Brandon, and Winnipeg.  Flavours include Raspberry Lemon, Blueberry Ginger, Hibiscus Lime, and Tangerine Mint.  Boho Soul Kombucha is […]


Sorting Through the Sea of Information

May 4th, 2020

If you search the internet for business advice, then you’ll quickly get billions of results. How can anyone ever expect to figure out how to make any sense of this overload of information? For the most part, the information out there is generally all good; some of the information out there is altruistically just trying […]


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