New Business Development

Thinking about developing a business in Canada can be a stressful endeavor.  Starting a business is not intuitive, and most systems of education don’t provide us with the means necessary to do a great job in determining the viability of an idea.  We can, however, utilize a few indispensable tools that will help guide you through the continual learning process necessary to achieve success, while maintaining profitability at the same time.  At Aurora Project we have developed a system that will guide you through each phase of a new business startup to ensure that you have as much reliable information as possible when developing your plans, implementing your business, and making future business decisions.

Our process includes a series of learning modules that give you both theoretical and practical education to develop a successful business idea, with the hands-on approach of a consultant and mentor to guide you through the development of your business.

There are no bad business ideas, but there are business ideas that may not be profitable.  You can be confidant that your ideas will not be criticized based on opinion; instead we will work with you to measure your idea against the market to ascertain the viability of the idea.

The Process

Stage One

  • Meet and greet with a member of our team to discuss your ideas and to begin to create a picture of what it is you are trying to achieve

Stage Two

  • Feasibility assessment to determine if your business idea will work in the current market
  • Determining if outside resources are available
  • If your idea is accepted, we will provide you with an overview of how we will work with you to develop your plan

Stage Three

  • Business planning and creation of a business plan
  • Determining if outside sources of funding are available and which sources to pursue
  • Obtain any necessary permits or licences

Stage Four

  • Business launch!
  • Evaluation and reassessment to determine if any changes are required
  • Ongoing assistance and mentor-ship

If you are ready to take the plunge into the hectic and wonderful world of running your own business, then contact us!