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Starting a business is a complex process with many potential roadblocks along the way.
From determining licensing obligations to required taxes, we help you systematically work through the process, step by step, to ensure that your business will launch with the best possible start.

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Statistics show that mentorship can have a significant impact on the success of a new business.
We are currently looking for people with business experience who would be willing to provide guidance to our clients as they build and grow their enterprise.

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For some, the standard business model may not offer the right fit.
A cooperative where individuals join together with other like-minded people, in a democratically controlled enterprise, to meet a common need can be a viable alternative.
If your business model is socially motivated or concerned with environmental impact, then forming a social enterprise can also be an option to explore.

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About Aurora Project


Creating economic prosperity and business diversity by empowering Canada’s newcomer entrepreneurs.


Funded through Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada, the Aurora Project is a team of qualified consultants with a wealth of education and experience in settlement services and immigration, as well as business startup and development. Our goal is to help you achieve success with your business. We will work with you as you take your idea from its initial conception, through the start up phases, and will continue to provide support as it grows. Open any anyone with their permanent resident status, our services are always free of charge.


At Aurora, we believe that every idea is as unique as the person who presents it and a one size fits all approach simply will not work when starting a new business enterprise. Our dedicated team will work with you to help set realistic business goals, explore opportunities, prioritize needs and take purposeful action to help maximize the success of your business.